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We are pleased that you are visiting our web site and hope that you find what you are looking for.

Perhaps our directories help you now and then to find phone/fax numbers, addresses and valuable product information.

It is easy to come into contact with UNITED COLLOIDS products every day, as we connect products to the environment based on environmentally friendly materials from renewable resources.

UNITED COLLOIDS is headquartered at Hamburg in Germany, right in the center of the European Union but we distribute world wide, since more than 50 % of our customers span the globe.

We take, on principle, a self-respecting approach to our entire business and undertake to protect the environment, use raw material from renewable, energy efficient resources, respect ethical and social standards and promote sustainable development.

Our web site will answer many of your questions, but perhaps not all. In that event, you may request additional information at: click here

Dipl.-Betr. (FH) Nike Baeck
Managing Director